What Parents Need to Know about Cosmetic Procedures and the Use of Nose Threads in Singapore

Cosmetic procedures are no longer solely a turf exclusively for adults. During the past decades, Singapore teens have been more open about undergoing physical transformations through plastic surgery.

A study done on 2014 that was published in the Singapore Medical Journal showed that the youth is “increasingly accepting of cosmetic procedures” and some of those who answered the survey admitted of having undergone a procedure. The study also mentioned that “there is a general lack of understanding of risks associated with such procedures.”

Why teenagers nowadays are turning to cosmetic procedures to alter their appearance can be attributed to a variety of factors. The rampant use of social media mostly promotes curated content that are aesthetically pleasing, thus increasing the stress on teens to look more appealing on the outside. Peer pressure, of course, is another ‘never say die’ reason.

One of the most common ‘facial flaw’ that Southeast Asians wish to correct is the appearance of their noses. Bulbous, flat, and wide are just some of the negative ways to describe these noses that are obviously inferior when compared to Western individuals.

Getting plastic surgery or surgical rhinoplasty to alter the nose’s look used to be the only way available. However, as aesthetic technology continues to improve as the years go by, more and more methods have been developed to address this concern. If you are a parent who wish to help your teenager with this, but are hesitant to have your child undergo a major surgery, then you can opt to go for the use of nose threads in Singapore.

To know more about this type of procedure, Dr Israr Wong, an aesthetic physician based in Singapore, provides us with useful information in this article. Dr Israr Wong is a specialist in non-surgical facial procedures using fillers and threads, which makes him a credible source about nose threads use.

Are teenagers allowed to undergo aesthetic procedures in Singapore?



Parents will be surprised to know that in Singapore there is no specific age limit placed by the government for aesthetic procedures. This is most probably the reason why the aesthetic industry has seen an incline in the number of teen clients for the past years.


Is my teenager a qualified candidate for a nose job?


The nose continues to develop during a person’s teen years. Performing a nose job while the nose is not fully developed or has not yet stopped growing can pose harm. The age when the nose reaches its full development differs between teenage boys and girls. A nose job can be performed for boys when they reach the age of 16 or 17 and the age of 15 or 16 years for girls. Still, the best way to know if your child gets the green light for this procedure is to consult with an aesthetic doctor.


How can a nose job help my teenager?


A nose job can help your teenager in several ways. The procedure can correct or improve the nose physically by:

  • Adding height to a flat nose bridge
  • Balancing the overall look of the face
  • Giving the nose a more pleasing contour
  • Narrowing a wide nose bridge
  • Reforming a bulbous nose tip to appear sharp and pointed

Likewise, a boost in the nose can also boost your teen’s self-confidence.


What is a nose thread lift procedure?


A nose thread lift procedure is a method done to augment the physical attributes of the nose with the use of medical grade biocompatible threads. During the procedure, nose threads that are either 3.8 to 5 cm or 5 to 7 cm in measurement are inserted into the nose through the nose bridge or columella in order to form the nose according to the desired shape, height, and contour.


What are the available procedures for nose jobs in Singapore?


A nose job in Singapore can be done by the use of dermal fillers, nose threads, or traditional rhinoplasty (plastic surgery).


Why should we opt for the use of nose threads instead of the other procedures?


While all procedures are safe if done by an experienced doctor, the use of nose threads poses less major risks and side effects as compared to the other two. Dermal fillers, when administered improperly, can cause blindness or skin necrosis. This is aside from other risks that can happen after a procedure.

Traditional rhinoplasty, which is considered a major operation, is generally expensive and exposes your teen to a lot of discomfort and a longer list of risks and side effects after a procedure. It would also take a longer time for your child to recover after the surgery. In addition, a botched operation can cause you to shell out more money and can endanger your child’s health.

Nose threads, on the other hand, have minimal and minor side effects that are usually temporary, such as bruising, infection, swelling, and pain, which are also among those present in the other procedure’s risk and side effects list. Very rare side effects include thread extrusion and a slanted nose bridge.


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