How to Find the Best Gynae in Singapore

Singaporeans work hard and because of that, they deserve the best of everything. This includes gynaes. However, a top gynae in Singapore has plenty of patients seeking their services. Because of this, it is important to book an appointment with your gynae early.

As soon as you realize that you are pregnant, you should start looking for a reliable gynae from a reliable and top-notch clinic. After all, baby’s heartbeat can be heard at 7 weeks and usually this is the time you need to pay the gynae a visit.

Let’s consider a few tips for finding the best gynae in Singapore.


Get recommendations from your friends or family


The first and easiest way to find a reliable gynae is to consider recommendations from people you trust such as friends or family.

These are people who are likely to provide you with an honest and unbiased opinion about a particular doctor. Often their claims will be based on positive experiences they themselves have had with the doctor.

For instance, they may have had a complication which the gynae was able to resolve. Moreover, the gynae may already be a reputable doctor with many years of experience.

Either way, recommendations are a great and reliable way to locate the ideal gynae for you.


Location of the clinic


The location of the clinic and gynae is very important. It is crucial to pick a gynea who is located close to you. In case you develop complications, you will not have to cross the entire island to find treatment.

After you have gotten recommendations form family and friends, pinpoint the location of the various clinics on a map and choose one that is closest to you. This point emphasizes the need to get multiple recommendations of different gynaes and clinics.


Consider your medical history


When finding a gynae, it is also highly important that you consider your health condition and your previous medical history. For instance, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, this would place you at high risk pregnancy. For this, you need a gynae and clinic that is able to offer 24/7 care such as PK women’s clinic.

On the other hand, if you are generally healthy, then you can locate any qualified gynae in Singapore to get quality services.


Read reviews in forums


Another great way to locate a reliable gynae in Singapore is by reading online reviews. Parenting websites can offer reviews of different doctors in Singapore.

Read the reviews on each doctor carefully to create a mental picture of the personality, reliability, and quality of services that they offer.

Then with the information, you can narrow down the available gynaes one at a time until you find your doctor. Note that finding a good doctor will depend on your goals. For instance, if you need a quick appointment, then the reviews can help you identify doctors that will not overelaborate and are therefore quicker with their treatment.


The clinic or hospital


Coupled with the gynae you also need to consider the hospital in which they operate. The hospital or clinic should offer maternity packages as well as privileges that are suitable for you.

If you have a medical condition, the hospital should also offer specialized maternity care. The type of delivery that you want should also be offered at the clinic. For instance, if you want a water birth then the clinic should provide for this.


Doctors’ experience and expertise


Also, check what the gynae specializes in. For instance, you may want a C-section, natural birth or water birth. The gynae that you choose should be one that has a positive attitude about your chosen method of delivery and has plenty of years of experience in it.

Secondly, it is important that you consider the level of experience. A gynae who has many years of experience will be able to handle, treat and mitigate any risks and complications that could develop during delivery.


Ultimately do you feel comfortable with the gynae? 


It is paramount that you are comfortable with your gynae. You can judge just how well you communicate during consultation. How do they answer your questions? Are they friendly? Are you free to ask any question?

If you don’t enjoy talking to the gynae and you don’t feel comfortable, change to a new gynae. Remember that the crucial thing is that you receive the best medication and treatment for both you and your unborn child.

Other questions that you may need to ask yourself include

  • How is the gynae’s schedule?
  • Are they available when you need them?
  • Will they be around when it’s finally time to deliver?


Final thoughts


Choosing a gynae may sound like a complex process. However, it is important that you prioritize the quality of services that a gynae is able to provide. After all both you and your child deserve only the best.


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