5TH Annual International Conference on Computer Game Multimedia & Allied Technology (CGAT 2012)


Conference Theme

CGAT 2012 Scope

Annual International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology raises a platform for the Asian Gaming Community to realize, recognize, and reveal the technological interplay at work behind the immersive and compelling world of gaming. The conference mantles the experience, expertise, and technological know-how flowing in from academicians, researchers, and industry professionals and provides an apt platform for view and review.

The Conference Themes on Animation,Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment, Mobile, Virtual Reality nunciating the evident convergence of technology while focusing on the differing facets of the gaming industry. The world of gaming is a result of numerous technologies, game tools and systems, the conference strives to discuss the technological advances, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications while exploring the key concerns and issues related to Game security and Game regulations. The conference mantles diverse overarching tracks with stimulating technical sessions covering the conference theme of: Animation,Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment, Mobile, Virtual Reality.The conference will address the key areas of Game design, production, programming, audio and visual arts, mobile gaming, game security, IPTV and edutainment, through the following technical sessions. The session list is indicative of the key areas of discussion but is not restrictive, and suggestions from the gaming community for additional specific sessions are welcome. Please write to info@cgames.com.sg with your suggestions for additional sessions.


  • Mapping the Mental Space of Game Genres
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Cultural and Media Studies on Computer Games
  • Experiential Spatiality in Games
  • Player Behavior and Consumer Demographics
  • Game Development Contract Outsourcing
  • Project Funding and Financing
  • Social/Humanities Aspects of Games
  • Cheat Codes -To Cheat or Not to Cheat
  • Mobile and Multiuser Games
  • IPTV and Service Convergence
  • Pay-As-You-Play and IPTV
  • Academic Courses for Game Design & Development
  • Multiuser Virtual Environments (Muves) in Education
  • Learning to Play or Learning through Play
  • Game Security
  • Games and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Laws, Regulations, Certifications and Policies for Gaming
  • Censorship of Video Games Content
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Gaming
  • Art, Design and New Media
  • Education, Training, and Edutainment Technologies
  • Human Factors of Games
  • Sound and Music
  • 3D Geometric models
  • Geometric Modelling and Shape Modelling

CCV 2012 Scope

International Conference on Cloud Computing and Virtualization is the only event focused on how traditional enterprises can adopt cloud computing models, featuring panels of thought leaders, candid conversations with industry luminaries. The conference is a reality check to better understand enterprise cloud computing.

Cloud computing is big news, promising unlimited capacity and pay-as-you-go economics, plus connections to an always-on world. Enterprises are excited about cloud computing but little of it is ready to use yet. Clouds present security risks, and many enterprise applications have to be completely rewritten to run on scalable clouds. Forward-thinking business leaders are using the cloud within their enterprise data centers to take advantage of the best practices that cloud computing has established, namely scalability, agility, automation, and resource sharing. Although the term ‘cloud computing’ is relatively new, the technologies that make it possible have been used for some time. For example, cloud computing is enabled by grid computing, virtualization, utility computing, hosting and software as a service (SaaS).

Virtualization is driving a fundamental shift in how we think about data center environments. It is lowering capital and operational costs, enabling IT agility, underlying Green IT initiatives and fueling the cloud. This conference helps us to be aware of this paradigm shift and discusses the benefits of virtualization.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure
– Understanding the Cloud
– The Dark Side of Clouds
– Building Great Companies on the Cloud
– Operating Systems
– Kernel-Exchange Modules
– Control Services
– Distributed Composite Services
– Basic Services
– Application Exchange Modules
– Cloud Enterprise
– Agent-based Cloud Computing and Cloud Economy
– Cloud Business Models
Scalable, Self-managing and Autonomic
Cloud Computing platforms
– IT Security Delivered from the Cloud
– Ahead in the cloud – The power of Infrastructure as a Service
– Dynamic Deployment & Scalability for the Cloud
– A Novel Approach to Cloud Networking
– Cloud Architecture
– The Benefits of Cloud Storage
– Cloud Computing Applications
– Distributed Infrastructure
РGetting Ready for Cloud Computing РIT Strategy, Architecture and Security  Perspective
– The Business Value of Cloud Computing & Virtualization
– Leveraging Endpoint Virtualization
РCompliance in the New Age of Virtualization and Securing the Benefits of  Virtualization 2.0
– Enabling Disaster Recovery for any size business
– The impact of IT Virtualization on Applications and Networks
– Virtual Desktop Delivery
– Potential of Virtualization
– Managing Virtualization with IT Process Automation
– Troubleshooting your virtual Infrastructure
– Controlling Virtual server sprawl
– Virtualization Management Futures

Keynote Address will be delivered by

Dr. Edmond Prakash
Professor in Computer Games Technology,
Department of Computer Science & Technology,
University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom