What Parents Need to Know about Cosmetic Procedures and the Use of Nose Threads in Singapore

Cosmetic procedures are no longer solely a turf exclusively for adults. During the past decades, Singapore teens have been more open about undergoing physical transformations through plastic surgery.

A study done on 2014 that was published in the Singapore Medical Journal showed that the youth is “increasingly accepting of cosmetic procedures” and some of those who answered the survey admitted of having undergone a procedure. The study also mentioned that “there is a general lack of understanding of risks associated with such procedures.”

Why teenagers nowadays are turning to cosmetic procedures to alter their appearance can be attributed to a variety of factors. The rampant use of social media mostly promotes curated content that are aesthetically pleasing, thus increasing the stress on teens to look more appealing on the outside. Peer pressure, of course, is another ‘never say die’ reason.

One of the most common ‘facial flaw’ that Southeast Asians wish to correct is the appearance of their noses. Bulbous, flat, and wide are just some of the negative ways to describe these noses that are obviously inferior when compared to Western individuals.

Getting plastic surgery or surgical rhinoplasty to alter the nose’s look used to be the only way available. However, as aesthetic technology continues to improve as the years go by, more and more methods have been developed to address this concern. If you are a parent who wish to help your teenager with this, but are hesitant to have your child undergo a major surgery, then you can opt to go for the use of nose threads in Singapore.

To know more about this type of procedure, Dr Israr Wong, an aesthetic physician based in Singapore, provides us with useful information in this article. Dr Israr Wong is a specialist in non-surgical facial procedures using fillers and threads, which makes him a credible source about nose threads use.

Are teenagers allowed to undergo aesthetic procedures in Singapore?



Parents will be surprised to know that in Singapore there is no specific age limit placed by the government for aesthetic procedures. This is most probably the reason why the aesthetic industry has seen an incline in the number of teen clients for the past years.


Is my teenager a qualified candidate for a nose job?


The nose continues to develop during a person’s teen years. Performing a nose job while the nose is not fully developed or has not yet stopped growing can pose harm. The age when the nose reaches its full development differs between teenage boys and girls. A nose job can be performed for boys when they reach the age of 16 or 17 and the age of 15 or 16 years for girls. Still, the best way to know if your child gets the green light for this procedure is to consult with an aesthetic doctor.


How can a nose job help my teenager?


A nose job can help your teenager in several ways. The procedure can correct or improve the nose physically by:

  • Adding height to a flat nose bridge
  • Balancing the overall look of the face
  • Giving the nose a more pleasing contour
  • Narrowing a wide nose bridge
  • Reforming a bulbous nose tip to appear sharp and pointed

Likewise, a boost in the nose can also boost your teen’s self-confidence.


What is a nose thread lift procedure?


A nose thread lift procedure is a method done to augment the physical attributes of the nose with the use of medical grade biocompatible threads. During the procedure, nose threads that are either 3.8 to 5 cm or 5 to 7 cm in measurement are inserted into the nose through the nose bridge or columella in order to form the nose according to the desired shape, height, and contour.


What are the available procedures for nose jobs in Singapore?


A nose job in Singapore can be done by the use of dermal fillers, nose threads, or traditional rhinoplasty (plastic surgery).


Why should we opt for the use of nose threads instead of the other procedures?


While all procedures are safe if done by an experienced doctor, the use of nose threads poses less major risks and side effects as compared to the other two. Dermal fillers, when administered improperly, can cause blindness or skin necrosis. This is aside from other risks that can happen after a procedure.

Traditional rhinoplasty, which is considered a major operation, is generally expensive and exposes your teen to a lot of discomfort and a longer list of risks and side effects after a procedure. It would also take a longer time for your child to recover after the surgery. In addition, a botched operation can cause you to shell out more money and can endanger your child’s health.

Nose threads, on the other hand, have minimal and minor side effects that are usually temporary, such as bruising, infection, swelling, and pain, which are also among those present in the other procedure’s risk and side effects list. Very rare side effects include thread extrusion and a slanted nose bridge.


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The How’s and What’s of HIFU treatment in Singapore

No matter how much we try to delay aging, it manages to catch up to us somehow. For every year that is added to our life, our skin gets etched with fine lines and wrinkles, like a grim reminder that all that once thrived would eventually wither. Despite this, there is still some semblance of hope; innovations in aesthetic medicine now allow us to enjoy our youth for just a bit longer.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU is one of the most in-demand non-invasive treatment for skin tightening and face lifting in Singapore today. It uses focused ultrasound energy waves to target four different layers of the skin: the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer for lifting, the deep dermis for tightening, the area around the eye for treating eyebags, and the superficial dermis for improving wrinkles, fine lines, and skin texture. The SMAS layer is the among the first to lose elasticity as aging takes its toll and as a result, sagging skin, unsightly jowls, and deepening of the nasolabial folds in the face become more apparent. By targeting the SMAS layer, a natural-looking face lifting effect is achieved.

The face and the neck are the common areas treated using HIFU. The treatment itself can take forty-five to sixty minutes to complete. Once the treatment is finished, patients can resume their daily activities without any downtime and as a plus, women can apply their skin care products and makeup immediately after an HIFU treatment.

This article from Dr. Edwin Lim, a premier medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers custom solutions for all skin concerns, will talk about the following: how HIFU work, the difference between HIFU and laser treatments, and the possible side effects of HIFU.


How Does HIFU Work?



In essence, HIFU treatment works as a non-invasive face lift. It uses ultrasound energy to heat up the tissues deep below the skin surface where collagen accumulates while at the same time, leaving the top layers of the skin unscathed. The treatment targets the collagen reserves in the dermis at a depth of 3mm and in the SMAS layer at a depth of 4.5mm. It is in these layers that HIFU stimulates the existing collagen and triggers the production of new collagen. Collagen in vital because it serves as tye supporting structure that links one cell to another. It is a naturally-occurringprotein substance that provides strength to the skin, elasticity, and suppleness. However, when we reach the age of 20s, the collagen production declines, thus causing the skin to sag and wrinkles and fine lines to form. The purpose of HIFU is not to stop that process – because that is not possible, unless you are actually dead – but to slow it down in order to delay the signs of aging.

When the ultrasound energy reaches the SMAS layer, it heats it up to 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. This is the specific optimum temperature range to jumpstart the process of collagen synthesis. The SMAS is the exact region where surgical facelifts are done because it enables the results to last longer than a face lift of the upper layer of the skin alone.

Using a high amount of heat energy, HIFU also helps reduce the fat beneath the skin. This makes it a good solution for reducing the size of jowls and double chins.


The Difference Between HIFU and Lasers


The main difference between laser treatments and HIFU is that the former usually targets skin issues in the superficial layers of the skin such as pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkle. HIFU, on the other hand, is designed to address the deep layers beneath the skin and to provide a lift to the SMAS layer, which is the foundational support of the skin.

They differ in the technology used, too. Lasers utilize light energy to address skin issues to a depth of 1.5 mm while HIFU uses sound energy, or ultrasound, to penetrate a depth of 4.5mm. HIFU treatment in Singapore has the capacity to bypass the surface layer of the skin to reach a level that cannot be matched by other non-invasive aesthetic treatments. It is, therefore, ideal to combine both laser technology and HIFU as they complement one another.

Visit us at Dr. Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic so that we can create a customized treatment program that will work best for you.


Side Effects of HIFU



HIFU is generally safe for people of all skin types and colors because it does not target the superficial layer of the skin. During an HIFU treatment in Singapore, it is normal to feel some slight discomfort. Although pain threshold varies from one person to another, the sensation is tolerable, temporary, and can easily be managed using topical anesthesia.

The most commonly-reported side effect of HIFU is mild to moderate redness, which typically faded after an hour. There is no specific type of care that is required after the treatment, but your doctor will advise you to avoid prolonged UV exposure and certain skin products such as Retin-A for some time.

You can expect to see initial results after your treatment. However, bear in mind that the full effect will take two to three months to show, since collagen needs time to rebuild and regenerate. As the collagen regeneration process continues, further results will appear up to six months after one session. Lastly, the duration of time that the effects last will mainly depend on you and the rate at which your body restores and maintains collagen.

The majority of our patients only required a single treatment. Factors such as degree of skin laxity, your skin’s ability to creates and maintains collagen, as well as your body’s response to ultrasound energy may have an effect on the results that you want to achieve. Some people opt for two or more treatments so we recommend that the treatment be repeated twice a year for the best possible outcome.

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Achieve a Younger Look with Ellanse in Singapore

Aging is indeed inevitable but we do not limit ourselves by just staring at our old saggy face in the mirror not doing anything to enhance it and defy aging. Who does not want to look young? Of course, everybody wants to look younger and glowing! We lose 1.5% of collagen every year as our age added. When we reach the fifties, you will see the effect of collagen loss as our skin starts to sag and lose its volume. This is where Ellanse filler comes in. This is the sunshine that will enlighten your dark days because of your old lifeless saggy skin. I know you are already excited to discover what Ellanse filler in Singapore can offer you! Let us bring back the glow and life in your face with Ellanse! This article will open the doors and lead you to your new journey in recreating your skin with Ellanse fillers.


What is Ellanse?


Ellanse is a non-hyaluronic acid filler injectable that stimulates collagen production. Ellanse is being known to making patients 5-10 years younger with long-lasting results. A growing number of patients with before and after a photo showing the effect of Ellanse make it gains its popularity. It is one of the top derma fillers that can reverse signs of aging and improve facial features non-surgically.

The target of Ellanse

Ellanse filler targets the different signs of facial aging such as:

  • Saggy cheeks and loss of volume
  • Hollow temples
  • Deep skin lines
  • Sunken forehead
  • Prominent eyebrows
  • Change in shape of facial from V shape to a U shape
  • Deep smile lines
  • Jowl formation


What is Ellanse used for?


Ellanse can stimulate collagen production and improve the overall appearance of the face with a small amount of product injected. Specifically, Ellanse can be used to:

  • Achieve a more V-shaped face
  • Make the cheeks with little volume look fuller
  • Restore volume to sagging jowls
  • Refine deep skin lines and smile lines
  • Improves sunken forehead
  • Get rid of dark circles under the eyes
  • Give the skina healthy youthful glow


How Does it Work?



The main component of Ellanse is called Poly-caprolactone (PCL) microspheres which makes up 30% of the fillers suspended in a carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) gel which is 70% of the fillers. The skin will be able to metabolize and absorbed it because PCL is a bioresorbable medical polymer. After injection, the CMC gel gives instant sculpting and lifting effects while the PCL stimulates collagen production in your skin at the same time. Just as the effects of CMC gel wears off, the full effect of collagen stimulation can be seen after 90 days.

Types of Ellanse Fillers

Ellanse fillers come in 4 versions. Each type has different periods of effectiveness.


  • Ellanse-S (Lasts up to 1 year)
  • Ellanse-M (Lasts up to 2 years)
  • Ellanse-L (Lasts up to 3 years)
  • Ellanse-E (Lasts up to 4 years)

Yes! You read it right! Ellanse can last up to 4 years! Amazing right! And these Ellanse fillers are available in clinics in Singapore. Health Ascent recommends to try out the HA fillers or Ellanse-S first see if it works perfectly for you before having a longer commitment with Ellanse-E.


What are the advantages of Ellanse over other fillers?


  • It is longer-lasting, it can last up to 4 years
  • It fills the loss volume at the same time stimulates collagen production for better results
  • Does not cause hypersensitivity reactions
  • Shows instant lifting results with zero to minimal downtime
  • Does not migrate to a different area of the skin
  • Maintains volume better over time

What to expect during an Ellanse procedure?


Health Ascent emphasizes that a consultation is very important so that the doctor will be able to make an assessment and plan before doing the procedure. After the consultation, here is what you have to expect:

  • Makeup will be removed and face will be cleaned
  • Injection sites will be marked
  • To manage discomfort, numbing cream will be applied
  • You have an option for an additional numbing by applying ice packs on the injection site
  • Your doctor will start injecting Ellanse filler when the numbing cream takes effect
  • To monitor results and improvements, your doctor will ask you to come back after 90 days

You’ll be surprised, it is really quick! The whole procedure will take about 20 minutes depending on the number of Ellanse filler that will be injected. Expect a slight discomfort but do not worry the numbing cream will help make it bearable.


It is zero to minimal downtime after the injection. Patients can go back to their daily activities after the procedure. The injection marks will not be noticeable but some might experience a slight swelling but there is nothing to worry, it will only last 1-2 days.


What are the results?


An instant lifting result can be expected after the injections as well as an increase in volume and fullness. It will take 90 days to stimulate the collagen growth, so expect that after this time volume in the cheeks and jowls are regained while deep lines in the nose, forehead, and chin are enhanced. Please take note that the effect depends on the area treated. The results are long-lasting and natural, that is why it is considered as one of the top fillers and highly recommended by most patients.


A few things to take note when it comes to Ellanse filler in Singapore


  • Ellanse cannot be reversed. It is accurate and precise.

Ellanse injections are irreversible. You cannot reverse if you don’t like the results, unlike HA fillers. Ask your doctor everything you want to know about Ellanse to prevent regrets. Having Ellanse filler is a long commitment. Imagine 4 years that you will be together! It’s longer than the relationship you had with your ex! Jokes aside, if it is your first time better try HA fillers first see if it works for you. Again, Ellanse cannot be adjusted once it is injected on your skin.


  • Ellanse is more expensive co pared to other fillers.

Ellanse fillers are cost more than other fillers available in the market because of its effectiveness and superb quality. However,it may save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Why? Because it does not need any touch-up and it is long-lasting.


  • Ellanse treatment can only be done by experienced doctors

According to Health Ascent, great precision and accuracy are needed in performing the Ellanse filler procedure so it must be only done by an experienced and skilled doctor. To achieve the best result, determine first the qualification and training of your doctor.


Essential Things you Need to Know about Breast Implants in Singapore

Breast enhancement is one of the most popular surgeries in Singapore and Asia. Women have their reason why they wanted to enhance their breasts. It can be because they had a mastectomy, they have disproportion breasts, after pregnancy, their breast changed or they wanted to boost their self-esteem by enhancing their breast.

Whatever reason they may have that is their personal decision. Though there is nothing wrong with being flat-chested, if it makes them happy and more confident with their breast enhanced let us just support them. Go, girl! And you, yes you! If you have plans of having breast implants, we will help you together with Ubiqi to give you the information you needed.


What is Breast Implant?



The breast implant is a prosthesis used to enhance the size, shape, and volume of the breast. There are two common types of breast implants, these are Saline and silicone. Lets us find out what is the difference between the two.


Saline Breast Implant


A saline breast implant is filled with sterile salt water. This type of implant is sometimes pre-filled or it is filled during the surgery. An incision will be made and the shell will be inserted into the breast. After positioning the shell, it will be filled by saline water. The amount of liquid will depend on the size you desire. Saline breast implants in Singapore have advantages and disadvantages. Check out the list below.


  • It does not require a large incision.
  • It can be adjusted during and even after the operation.
  • Ruptures can be easily detected.
  • It costs less compared to the silicone implant.


  • The breast may appear less firm
  • Implant folds which can be visible and felt
  • Breast deflates when the implant ruptures
  • It is heavier compared to silicone implant


Silicone Breast Implant


From the name itself, a silicone breast implant is filled with silicone gel. According to Ubiqi, a silicone breast implant is the most popular and preferred implant to be used for breast enhancement in Singapore.  Same as with saline, an incision will be made to insert the silicone breast implant. It is more durable compared to saline and it does not change shape. Though silicone breast implant is more preferred than saline, it has also its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It looks natural and very soft.
  • It increases cup size 3-4 times compared to its original.
  • Silicone breast implant rarely folds or wrinkles.
  • It gives a better shape and lasts longer


  • Longer incisions are required.
  • The gel does not collapse so it is hard to detect ruptures.
  • Follow up checkups are required to monitor implants is still in place.


How long do breast implants last?


Breast implants do not have expiration but that does not guarantee that it will last a lifetime.

The average period that both saline and silicone implants will last is 10-20 years. Not bad, right?! However, you will be required for a yearly follow-up examination to check the state of your breast implants.


Why do breast implants need to be replaced?


If breast implant ruptures that means it needs to be replaced. If you have a saline breast implant you will know if it ruptures because of the change of the size of your breast that will get smaller. However, nowadays breast implants have cohesive gels that prevent leakage when ruptures.


Do breast implants have shapes?



Yes, they have. The two most common breast implant shapes are chosen by people in Singapore. These are:


Round Shape


Women with looser tissues are recommended to have a round shape breast implant. It may give your breast a fuller look and more studier but it might not look natural though.


Tear Drop Shape


Teardrop shape breast implants are recommended for women with tight tissues and wanted to get a proportion and natural-looking breast. This shape of the breast implant is designed to follow the natural shape of the breast. However, it might make your breast out of shape because it tends to flip over.


What is the common brand of implant used in Singapore?


There are three brands of breast implants that are commonly used in Singapore. These are Mentor, Motiva, and Natrelle breast implants. Each breast implants differ from how they are filled, the gel’s consistency and the dimension of the implant. Among these three, only Mentor and Natrelle breast implants are FDA approved.


Choosing the Best Breast Implant


The more you know about both breast implants (Saline and Silicone), the more confident you can choose if which one will be best for you. Before choosing what best breast implant is for you, find a good doctor first that can help you make understand more about these breast implants and the risk you will be taking. For Ubiqi, choosing a doctor is one of the important factors to consider in getting the right breast implant and of course for your breast enhancement, do you know why? Because only your doctor can help you in choosing what’s best breast implant for you as well as the success of your breast enhancement lies in his or her hands.

How to Find the Best Gynae in Singapore

Singaporeans work hard and because of that, they deserve the best of everything. This includes gynaes. However, a top gynae in Singapore has plenty of patients seeking their services. Because of this, it is important to book an appointment with your gynae early.

As soon as you realize that you are pregnant, you should start looking for a reliable gynae from a reliable and top-notch clinic. After all, baby’s heartbeat can be heard at 7 weeks and usually this is the time you need to pay the gynae a visit.

Let’s consider a few tips for finding the best gynae in Singapore.


Get recommendations from your friends or family


The first and easiest way to find a reliable gynae is to consider recommendations from people you trust such as friends or family.

These are people who are likely to provide you with an honest and unbiased opinion about a particular doctor. Often their claims will be based on positive experiences they themselves have had with the doctor.

For instance, they may have had a complication which the gynae was able to resolve. Moreover, the gynae may already be a reputable doctor with many years of experience.

Either way, recommendations are a great and reliable way to locate the ideal gynae for you.


Location of the clinic


The location of the clinic and gynae is very important. It is crucial to pick a gynea who is located close to you. In case you develop complications, you will not have to cross the entire island to find treatment.

After you have gotten recommendations form family and friends, pinpoint the location of the various clinics on a map and choose one that is closest to you. This point emphasizes the need to get multiple recommendations of different gynaes and clinics.


Consider your medical history


When finding a gynae, it is also highly important that you consider your health condition and your previous medical history. For instance, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, this would place you at high risk pregnancy. For this, you need a gynae and clinic that is able to offer 24/7 care such as PK women’s clinic.

On the other hand, if you are generally healthy, then you can locate any qualified gynae in Singapore to get quality services.


Read reviews in forums


Another great way to locate a reliable gynae in Singapore is by reading online reviews. Parenting websites can offer reviews of different doctors in Singapore.

Read the reviews on each doctor carefully to create a mental picture of the personality, reliability, and quality of services that they offer.

Then with the information, you can narrow down the available gynaes one at a time until you find your doctor. Note that finding a good doctor will depend on your goals. For instance, if you need a quick appointment, then the reviews can help you identify doctors that will not overelaborate and are therefore quicker with their treatment.


The clinic or hospital


Coupled with the gynae you also need to consider the hospital in which they operate. The hospital or clinic should offer maternity packages as well as privileges that are suitable for you.

If you have a medical condition, the hospital should also offer specialized maternity care. The type of delivery that you want should also be offered at the clinic. For instance, if you want a water birth then the clinic should provide for this.


Doctors’ experience and expertise


Also, check what the gynae specializes in. For instance, you may want a C-section, natural birth or water birth. The gynae that you choose should be one that has a positive attitude about your chosen method of delivery and has plenty of years of experience in it.

Secondly, it is important that you consider the level of experience. A gynae who has many years of experience will be able to handle, treat and mitigate any risks and complications that could develop during delivery.


Ultimately do you feel comfortable with the gynae? 


It is paramount that you are comfortable with your gynae. You can judge just how well you communicate during consultation. How do they answer your questions? Are they friendly? Are you free to ask any question?

If you don’t enjoy talking to the gynae and you don’t feel comfortable, change to a new gynae. Remember that the crucial thing is that you receive the best medication and treatment for both you and your unborn child.

Other questions that you may need to ask yourself include

  • How is the gynae’s schedule?
  • Are they available when you need them?
  • Will they be around when it’s finally time to deliver?


Final thoughts


Choosing a gynae may sound like a complex process. However, it is important that you prioritize the quality of services that a gynae is able to provide. After all both you and your child deserve only the best.


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