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Best Paper Awards 2017

Best Research Paper 

Assoc. Prof. Fatma Meawed
University of Glasgow, Singapore

Ghada Ahmed
German University in Cairo, Egypt

Best Student Paper 

Mr. Damijan Novak
UM FERI Maribor, Slovenia


Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper 

Dr. Moutaz Saleh and Dr.Jihad Mohamad Alja'Am
Qatar University

Best Student Paper 

Mr. Kevin Anthony Jones
Nanyang Technological University


Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Prof. Boumediene Belkhouche
United Arab Emirates University

Best Student Paper

Mr. Laurent Noel
Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

Ms. Siti Noraishah Musa
Multimedia University

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2015 Accepted Papers

Vectorpixels for Visualisation of Photographic Images  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.50
Intelligent Techniques for Data Mining  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.51
Novel Physical Representations for the Visualisation of Science Data and Mathematics  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.01
QR Code Based Augmented Reality Performance Evaluation and Its Application  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.04
Interactive Three-Dimensional Model Reconstruction Using Kinect Sensor  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.05
Digital Wonderland: An interactive walkway to do the album release for new singer  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.07
Towards automatic enemy generation for 2D avatar-based action games: agent model and description language  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.08
Object Detection in Emulated Console Games  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.11
Introducing the Emergency Propagated Reference Network (EPRN) A Practical and Efficient Ad Hoc Network for Emergency Response  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.12
A Proposed Architecture of Cloud Computing for Teaching and Education  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.15
Web Based Bengali Phonetic Typing Toolkit  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.16
 Developing Games for Measuring the Performance of Dynamic Balance  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.17
 Camera-Based Heart Rate Estimation for Improved Interactive Gaming  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.24
 Utilizing Sensor Platform as a Tool to Determine Stress by Game Genre  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.25
Assessment of the Influence Caused by Random Events within a Real-Time Strategy Game Engine on a Game Bot Gameplay  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.27
Utilising Average Calculations for Distinctive Use of Dual Quaternion Weight Painting for Believable Character Animation  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.28
The Significance of Handling Multiple Resolution User Interface for Cross Platform Games  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.30
ICT Based Advisory Mechanism to Control Occupational Ordeal: A Survey  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.33
Ontology Based Approach for Diagnosis in Personalized Medicine  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.34
Symbiosis, Game Agents and the Cloud  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.35
Kinaesthetic Literacy Game  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.36
 Scalable and Flexible Web Application Architectures  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.37
3D Game Graphic Complexity Effects on Motion-Onset Visual Evoked Potentials  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.39
The Efficacy of Digital Games to Teach Mathematics  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.40
Motion-Onset Visual Evoked Potentials for Gaming  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.41
Dynamic Context-Specific User Profiles by Regression Modelling  10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.42

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